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Business List

Welcome to Visit Haddington Business Association and Leisure website listing.

You will see that there is a number of business sectors represented. Some are long established family businesses, others are new, but all offer a friendly personal service creating a more enjoyable experience. If you are looking for an award winning butcher, a fabulous wedding outfit, a length of fabric, a TV repair, or somewhere to relax and have something to eat then there is a Haddington Business Association almost have it all.

HBA Members:

Animal Magic Haddington Herbals Print Me Media
Bathroom World Health and Beauty Salon Red Flame Dance Company
Betty’s Hilary’s Deli Something Different
Cobbler’s of Melrose Irvine’s Spirit Beauty
Chest, Heart and Stroke Ivory Clothing Subway
Claymore Joe Forte Sports The Avenue Restaurant
Craig’s Furnishings Lamp House Music The Bead Shop
Day – Today Leisure Time The Coffee Pot Cafe
Diggory’s Cafe Looks Hair Design The Jumping Flea Market
Dunbar Travel The Maple Tree
E-Business UK M&Co.  The Maitlandfield House Hotel
Elite World Choice Travel Masons The Waterloo Bistro
Erica’s Memory Lane The Townhouse Chip Shop
Fabrication Mikes Bikes TV and Video Repair Centre
Footlights Dance Studio National Museum of Flight Zuri
Graham The Jeweller Peats The Butcher
GSB Solicitors Prentice Coaches

Contact the HBA:

Tel: 01620 829 833
Email: info@shophaddington.co.uk

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